Hiroshima part II and the pod people


Not many pictures on the iPod from yesterday. Spent most of the day wandering around Hiroshima — a beautiful garden, Hiroshima castle (reconstructed) and Peace Park and the museum there. It was an appropriately gloomy day.

After finishing up at the museum, I walked a few blocks and wound up in a vibrant and busy stretch of shops and restaurants. The city has most definitely rebuilt itself.

Then, back to the train station for a train to Kyoto, and I checked into the capsule hotel (http://9hours.jp/top.html). It wasn’t too bad. I could sit up inside the pod and had several inches to spare above my head. It didn’t feel claustrophobic. Only complaints were that the pillow was buckwheat or something and not very comfortable, and that it got a bit warm in the pod with the curtain closed.

Dinner last night was at a restaurant with no English or pictures, but I sat at the counter and ordered some skewers like what I saw being made. One was asparagus wrapped in bacon, the other was scallop (I knew the word for that — hotate — from sushi menus in the past). They were battered/crumbed and deep fried. Deep fried bacon. But it’s Japanese, so it’s good for me! Also had curry udon with beef upon the waitress’ recommendation.

Today, tour of Kyoto in the morning and then off to Nara later.


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