Back to the big city


After a struggle booking last-minute hotel in tokyo (turns out, you can’t use miles to book a hotel within 24 hrs), I went downstairs. At this point, I had about 10 minutes to check out, have the hotel guy sign my towel, and run to the train station. The man wasn’t there, but his wife (who’d done all the driving yesterday) helped me out. She took my payment (no surprise taxi charges), and grabbed the car to drive me 3 minutes to the station, then told the station attendant where I was going so he could help me get a ticket (more quickly than if I’d been on my own), and I made the train! Then, in Nagano, I bought a ticket for the train leaving in 8 minutes and made that one, too. No time to buy a bento box at the station, but I got one on the train. Not bad.

In Tokyo, I took a couple subway lines to my new hotel, checked in, and then headed out to meet Michelle.

True to her word, she hooked me up with a test ride in a Tesla! One word: whee! I rode in the orange one.


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