Okay, some pics after all


Forgot I took pictures of horses in trucks the day I got here. Now that’s something I can’t do with my car, even with the seats folded down.

I had planned to go to the beach this morning before showering, checking out, and heading to the airport, but like every other time I’ve thought about going, it’s started pouring. Not sure if there’ll be time once it clears up 😦


Posting no pics.

It feels kinda pointless (or at least like I’d be letting down “all” “my” “fans”) to post something without pictures. Trouble is, I haven’t had the iPod with me much on this trip, and I didn’t even take my other camera with me on today’s adventure: kayaking in the Caribbean to monkey island. It was pretty excellent, I have to say. Last weekend I went kayaking at night in the bioluminescent bay near fajardo, puerto Rico. That was fun, so I figured I’d try another kayak.

What else… I went ziplining near el yunque rain forest. Turns out, it was the tame place. Oh, well. Was still fun to try a new thing. After ziplining I went hiking to the top of mount britton and then to Mina falls. The trails were paved, so i didn’t really need the $13 kmart hiking boots I bought, but it was still good to walk around. I had some yummy plantain version of a tamale for lunch that day.

Midweek I was busy with work stuff, and tomorrow I fly home.

Tonight I’m staying at the Barefoot Travelers guest house (these are the guys who had the monkey kayak tour, too). I’m the only guest so it’s pretty quiet but the owners offered to let me join them for dinner at a local place. Should be fun!