Off again, despite the feline shield


Not the smoothest of travels, but things worked out well and I made it to Paris! The main challenge was that the pull handle on my rollaboard bag decided to stop working just as I got to the airport. Not sure if something got banged up in the luggage hold under the bus or what. It was working fine when I walked TO the bus. Anyway, with that turn of events, I decided to move a few things into my backpack and just check the rolly bag instead of carrying it on.

Of course, after I got thru security and into the red carpet club (yay for star gold), I saw that both my flight and the one before it were delayed. Trying to get standby for the earlier flight was complicated a bit by the checked bag, but the guy in the RCC got my bag moved over to the earlier flight. Later, as they un-delayed my flight, I chose to keep my original one since I had a better seat. Glad I did, too, ’cause I got a last minute upgrade on the flight to Newark. A flight I almost missed because the monitors in the RCC didn’t get updated to let me know the flight got moved up yet again.

On the Newark to Paris leg, I not only got an exit row window seat, but I had the whole row to myself, and could lift the armrests! Score! I watched one movie while they were serving dinner and then got about 3 hours of sleep. I know it sounds weird, but I kind of wish that flight had been longer so I could’ve gotten a couple more hours sleep.

Anyway, got to CDG and navigated the many moving sidewalk/escalator things, got my passport stamped, got my bag (no miraculous handle recovery, unfortunately), found an ATM and the way to the airport train to the RER train to the metro to the right metro sortie to my hotel. Yay! I’m glad I travelled pretty light, ’cause carrying the rollaboard is about as fun as it sounds. I stopped to ask directions at one point only to find out that I was literally across the street from my hotel. Ha!

Now to figure out what to actually do with myself in Paris!


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