Jet lag, or something


Last night, I knew I should try and stay up, but couldn’t help myself and went to bed really early. I mean, it wasn’t even dark yet. I think it was maybe 7:30. Woke up a couple times in the night, but went right back to sleep.

This morning, I woke up at the completely reasonable time of 7:15 but couldn’t make myself get out of bed. It’s hard for me to get moving without a plan. My hotel room is fine, but not big or fancy enough to justify the time I’ve been spending there. By the time I left, it was practically lunch time. I did (sort of) come up with a plan, though: head toward Montmartre, get something to eat along the way, check out that area and decide if I’d want to spend a couple nights there or if it’d be better to go somewhere other than Paris for 2-3 nights. Then, I’ll head over toward the Champs élysées and maybe climb up inside the arch d triumph to check out the views from there. Depending on how I feel (and the time) I may head to a museum, or look for a replacement rolly bag.

Attached picture is of lunch. I wasn’t sure how to eat the cheesy toast things, and asked a waiter who’d said “as you please” but opted to go for knife and fork. Seemed better to be an eating pizza with a fork person than an eating steak with bare hands person.

14:30 update – wifi at the lunch place was password protected and I didn’t bother to ask, so didn’t send post, then. I’ve been wandering around Montmartre since then. Sacre coeur, and just around. Now, cafe & wifi!


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