Settling in


Not a whole lot to report, today, but things are going well. Yesterday I did wind up at the arc d’triumphe, but the line to buy tickets and go up to the top was long, and it had gotten a bit hazy in the afternoon, so I didn’t bother. From there, I walked down the champs élysées to the louvre, then up to the opera and hopped a metro back to my hotel. Enjoyed a steak and wine for dinner, then tried to buy train tickets to Dijon but couldn’t get the website to cooperate, and by he time I walked over to the train station nearby, the right ticket counter had closed. Oh, well. Now I’m toying with the idea of making Dijon a (long) day trip, so I can just stay in my current hotel and not have to move until I meet my friends on Sunday. With that plan, I could wait to buy a new suitcase until I got home, and although my hotel isn’t great, the price is okay and the water pressure’s good.

This morning, I got going early enough to have breakfast, and stopped at a bakery that not only served coffee, but also had tables outside in the sun. Enjoyed my pain au chocolat and cafe au lait there, and wound up chatting with the guy next to me (I saw that the book he was reading was in English). He’s been in Paris since November, and is working on directing a play here.

I stopped by a different train station after breakfast but didn’t buy tickets. Decided I should make sure there’s a wine tasting tour I can take before going to Dijon. Of course, now that I’m _looking_ for a cafe with wifi, there are none to be found.

Ah, well. Typing this up from the wifi-less restaurant where I enjoyed a nicoise salad and a Stella for lunch. I mean, when beer and wine are cheaper than a coke, what’s a girl to do? :). Scratchy throats need bubbles. Hopefully this is just allergies…


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