Crumbier and crumbier


My cold or allergies or whatever continue to be annoying, and I continue to treat it with coffee, baked goods, and beer. Last night I didn’t sleep well. Or, rather, I didn’t sleep continuously. I was wide awake from about 3:30 until after 5am. Of course, by 7ish, when I’d planned to get up, I was quite sleepy, so I indulged myself in a lazy morning and got a late start.

Yesterday, I briefly spoke with an older woman while waiting for the bus. She’d asked me what surprised me most about Paris. I’d recently been noticing that the girls here all wear black tights with their skirts, but didn’t think that was worth sharing. After thinking a minute, I said that all the variety of restaurants was surprising. Lots of Turkish, Lebanese, Tunisian, Moroccan, and Asian places. She half-joked that sometimes it was hard to find a French restaurant, and she was right. In any case, when I was cold, feeling crummy, and hungry last night, I asked the night clerk at the hotel for recommendations, and he suggested either s Japanese place or a Lebanese place. I asked what kind of Japanese, sushi or noodles or…? And he said they had “everything.”. So, thinking a nice bowl of hot noodles would be nice, I decided to give it a try. By the time I sat down inside and looked at the menu, I saw that it was just sushi and skewers of grilled things. It was nice and warm inside, though, so I figured I’d try the sushi. Bad idea. The fish was fine, fortunately, but the rice was horrible. I’m not sure what kind of rice they used, but I couldn’t make out individual grains. It was just mush.

Today for lunch, I tried some Tunisian cous cous with lamb that was pretty tasty. A man from London arrived just after I did, and we (or, rather, he) talked for a while. Afterward, I went to the Cluny museum and saw unicorn tapestries among other things.

Then, more walking, hopped the same bus as yesterday toward the Marais district and am sitting in a park as I type this up. It’s getting cool, though, so I think I’ll head to a restaurant or bar for a glass of something, a bite to eat, and hopefully wifi to send this!

Update: found a place having “happy hour” and wifi (with a long passcode to type in!) and with heaters for their outside seating. And olives. Mmm.


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