Ninh Binh


Today was a full day! B and I wandered around Hanoi in the rain this morning, and got lost trying to find our way back to the hotel. Hint: when using a map app, it works best if you actually SAVE the hotel’s location.

Anyway, we saw some neat things (like a back street local market) while trying to find our way back. We wound up being about 15 minutes late meeting T & C and our driver, but it was okay.

We then drove to Ninh Binh and had lunch, went on a boat ride down a river next to rice paddies, and then a bike ride. The limestone formations and the fog were really dramatic. I took hundreds of pictures. Many of the rowers used their legs to row the boats, which looked like it took a bit of coordination, but made a lot of sense. Paddle boats, indeed!

Our hotels with this organized tour are pretty swanky, and tonight’s even has a spa. The restaurants are alright, but the best meals we’ve had so far on this trip have been from street vendors.

We’re all feeling like we’re coming down with something (I’m still hoping it’s just allergies) so it’s an early bedtime before an 8am departure to Ha Long Bay tomorrow.


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