Aka jima and endless sushi

Wow, what a great couple of days!

Monday night, we went and got sushi from a tiny little place — the hotel called us a cab because it was tricky to find. After the cab dropped us off, we didn’t see the place immediately, but K asked some old men on the street and one walked us the 2 blocks over. As we were eating and enjoying our sushi, who should come in but the cab driver! He apologized and tried to give our $5 fare back — apparently he’d dropped us at the wrong place and this wasn’t the restaurant we’d been heading for. No worries though, as it was great! We were the only people in there, and the sushi chef and his wife(?) spoke no English, but seemed happy to have us. He made us what was good that day — essentially chef’s choice nigiri. Yum!

We used my “OffMaps” app to guide us back to our hotels, since we weren’t actually very far.

Tuesday, we took a ferry out to Aka jima (“jima” means island)


There, a woman met us and took us to her little guest house where we rented bicycles, snorkels, and fins. She showed us on a map where we could go, and off we went, rusty bikes squeaking down the hill. Fortunately the snorkeling equipment was in a bit better condition than the bikes, and we got to see beautiful coral reefs and colorful fishes.

The second beach (closer to the ferry port, so we hit it on our way back), delivered on our hopes, and we got to snorkel with a sea turtle! I didn’t have my phone with me under water of course, so I took a picture of a picture of a turtle. Our friend looked like this:


After showering off the sand back at the guest house, we relaxed in the shade, enjoying the island breeze, before heading back to the ferry.






When we got back to Naha, we were a bit hungry, so we stopped at a convenience store for ~$1 onigiri snacks and then picked up a piece of fish tempura from a woman across the street.



We stopped by a store for some aloe, then by my hotel so I could drop off my bag, and headed to M & O’s hotel so they could do the same before we got a real dinner. As we got there, K met us in the lobby and told us we needed to go! Meeting some friends for dinner!

Great company and fantastic food — more sushi than we could eat, and some (what turned out to be) horse sashimi. Very tender, and accompanied by delicious ponzu sauce. Who knew?



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