Chiang Mai day 1

We got to our hotel/guest house in Chiang Mai before both rooms were ready, so we stashed our bags in my room and headed out to find some lunch. We didn’t have to go far before finding a street food cart making noodles. The woman didn’t seem to speak much English, but she had a helpful English menu so we each ordered something different to have a variety.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel for showers and a brief rest before getting picked up for our evening cooking class.

Ritchie, the teacher, first took us to the market and showed us many of the ingredients common in thai cooking, including a variety of peppers, ginger family roots, at least 3 kinds of basil, and several “eggplants” (none of which were purple).



At the cooking school open air kitchen, we made tom yum soup, banana spring rolls, panang curry, pad thai (omelet style), and chicken with cashews. Turns out, we’re pretty good cooks! I hope the cookbooks we walked out with will help us be able to reproduce these recipes at home, because: yum!




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