Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

Friday morning I talked M&D into having their driver-for-the-day drop me off at the bus station on their way to visit a mountain & waterfalls a few hours away.

Even though I had already had breakfast at the hotel, and even though it wasn’t quite 10am, the smell of khao soi from a vendor at the bus station was too much to resist. I love that stuff!


The bus to Chiang Rai took about 3 hours. The road was twisty and scenic, but it was a struggle to stay awake and I nodded off for part of it.

At one point, I decided to see what one button on the side of my seat did. The girl across the aisle had hers on, and she was all bundled up against the a/c so I thought maybe it was a seat warmer? I didn’t notice anything immediately, but a bit later I felt the guy behind me putting his feet or knees on my seat back. I leaned forward a bit, shuffled around a little, and then leaned back with a little force. That should send the message! Moments later, I realized that what I’d felt was actually a massage chair function in the seat, and had nothing to do with the passenger sitting behind me. I’m glad I hadn’t actually turned around and said anything!





When I got to Chiang Rai, I got directions to my hotel (and a map) from the information desk at the bus station.

After checking into my hotel, I wandered around town a bit and got another thai massage. This one was maybe $7 but included use of the loose clothing to wear during the massage and had curtain dividers between the massage tables.

I met a friend of a friend of a friend for dinner and learned a bit about the small children’s home she’s helping with in Chiang Rai. After dinner, I stopped back in at a tour agency I’d talked to earlier and booked a day trip for the next day. Then, we wandered around the night market and did a bit of shopping before saying our goodbyes.


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