Putting the fun in funicular

Another good day – reasonably early start, which meant that there weren’t all that many restaurants open for breakfast, but we found a different dim sum place along Fuk Wing street. The bbq pork buns were really good, but the other things were just okay. The “vegetable” bun we ordered seemed to have a lot of meat in it, and an egg, too. It was also HUGE.


After breakfast, we wandered around looking for sunglasses a bit (unsuccessfully) before heading to Victoria Peak. We took the tram up, which was fun. It felt a bit like a ride at an amusement park, as it went up a very steep slope to get to the top. Great views from up there, and it felt a few degrees cooler than down below, so we spent quite a bit of time, there.




We took the tram (funicular, really), back down and then headed toward the Admiralty MTR station area and poked around some of the little shopping streets near there. After awhile, we headed to the pier and caught a ferry back over to Tsim Sha Tsui. We added some money to our Octopus cards, found some noodles for a late lunch, and then wandered around that neighborhood. C found some good deals on cute clothes in a couple of shops. After awhile, we hopped on the bus that we’d gotten acquainted with the night before, and followed along the now-familiar detour. We rested for an hour or two, then went out for a late dinner at the local shopping center, where I was happy to find a Shanghai-style restaurant. Finally, some cooked veggies on the menu that weren’t just hot lettuce!









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