Still great after all these years

Winter being the off season, we didn’t have to get such an early start. Left the hotel right around 9am, picked up S (whose legs were tired from her previous day’s walking tour), and drove the 2 hours to mutianyu. Our driver was good, and after having driven people there every day for 20 years, didn’t even need to see out the window to get us there. A good thing, since he apparently had no wiper fluid and the wiper blades may as well have been missing, too. Road spatter from the previous day’s storm wasn’t too bad, fortunately. Most of the time.

What a spectacular day! Picture perfect. Fresh snow, good visibility, and actual blue skies.

M and I hiked down to the toboggan place, just to confirm that our driver had been telling the truth: closed in winter (or due to the snow, at least). We opted not to buy a separate 60rmb ticket to take their ski lift down, and hiked back up to the top of the tram way where we already had a return ticket. Later, over lunch at the base, S mentioned checking apple health steps, and I saw that I’d walked 91 stories. Cool!

Back to Beijing by car. Rested at the hotel for a little while before finding dinner in a nearby restaurant. I think it might be the same one where A and I had a sweet potato dish a few years back.


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