Back to Beijing

I wasn’t feeling great.  Hoped it was just the smog, or a reaction to cigarette smoke, but it was an actual cold.  The hotel’s breakfast buffet included soup made to order that was quite good, though, so that helped. And noodles cure everything, right?


Taxi to the train station, train back to Beijing.  It was very hazy on the way back.  Really helped us appreciate the clear skies we’d had earlier in the week.IMG_3685IMG_3690IMG_3692IMG_3695

We took the subway from the train station to our new Beijing hotel (we had looked up the details ahead of time, this time!) and then headed out to the nearby Da Dong Duck restaurant for Peking duck in Peking.  We didn’t try the sea cucumber.  The menu really didn’t do a good job of selling it. The duck was great, though, and the way they displayed the fruit they brought out for dessert was fun.IMG_3696IMG_3700IMG_3702IMG_3708IMG_3710IMG_3711


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