Bye-bye Beijing

S and I headed out fairly early on our last day to do some last-minute sight-seeing.  I think we liked seeing Tiantan park on a Sunday, with all the people doing their thing, as much as the sights within it.  There were people dancing to patriotic songs, people playing traditional music and singing, and all kinds of activity.  I’d never seen people playing hacky-sack with a badminton-style birdie, before.


The trees were very orderly. IMG_3772

We ran into M near the hotel, and while S went back to the hotel (she hadn’t asked for a late check-out), M and I found the best noodle soup ever.  They were hand-making the noodles in the back of the restaurant.  Fantastic texture, amazing flavor.  And just what my cold symptoms called for.IMG_3773

After lunch, the 3 of us walked around for a bit before picking up our bags and heading for the airport (by subway + Airport Express train).  We went into a nearby mall hoping to do some last-minute (possible Christmas) shopping, but it was only about half open.  On the ground floor was a great kids play zone that looked like it’d be really fun, though.IMG_3778

…and then, home!


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