Malaysia arrival

Denver to Tokyo flight was long but uneventful. The flight included many US service men & women returning to their stations around Japan. In my row were an Air Force medical person and a marine f-18(?) mechanic. I watched a bunch of movies and napped a little. On the Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur flight, I had 3 seats to myself, so couldn’t resist lying down to sleep for a bit. Watched a couple more movies. Everything seems to be about outer space or jazz.  

Arrived in KL more or less on time, just before midnight, and breezed through immigration and customs. I spotted a cluster of ATMs, but all were down for maintenance. Someone suggested that there were more up on the 5th floor, but the person at the information desk said they would ALL be down until 1am for maintenance, and the last train into the city leaves at 1am. Fortunately, the KLIA express tickets could be purchased with a credit card!
Boarded the 12:30am express train. I smell like citronella due to my fashionable bracelet, but I hate mosquito bites so I’m taking every precaution. Even in the city. 

Announcements on the train about technical difficulties with the a/c, and also we would be a bit delayed, but got to KL Sentral just after 1am. Got pointed in the right direction and checked into my swanky hotel. Lovely shower, then sleep. Zzz. 


One thought on “Malaysia arrival

  1. Three seats to yourself. How wonderful. Your arrival was entirely different than mine in 1999. As I arrived from Bangkok, I arrived during a bright sunny day. I took a bus that stopped at various hotels including mine. So glad you got there. It is one of my favorite cities.

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