Kota Bharu to Penang

Arrived at the airport around 2:30pm. Can’t check in for my 6:30 flight until 5pm, and there are no lockers or anywhere to leave my bag. Still raining outside. 

Found a seat near a deli, and planted myself. At one point, a guy selling perfume at the shop on my other side sat down next to me for a moment. We chatted briefly, and I asked him about wifi …and he told me the password to the deli’s wifi. Cool!
Caught up on email & briefly looked to see if there were any super cheap hotels nearby (in Vietnam, B & I used one as a place to store our bags for a day in Dalat). Found one for $15, but that’s more than I want to spend on bag storage, and it’s also a bit farther than I want to walk in the rain. So, I just settled in and people watched. 
Lots of people returning home from vacations, and I tried to guess where they were from. Different styles of head scarves. Lots of families with young children. Lots of helpful dads. I see some of my fellow snorkelers from yesterday, and other people I recognize from the hotel (who must’ve taken a different boat). A young guy who sat down next to me had missed his flight back to KL and was juggling 2 phones and making a flurry of calls to arrange & book a new flight. Some Europeans(?), one of whom had a t-shirt that said something about Colorado. 
Eventually, I was able to check in for my flight. Then, I still had some time before boarding, so I returned to the restaurant where I’d had breakfast a couple of days earlier. Had chicken paprik (yum!)
The Firefly airlines plane was a prop plane with high wings, and we boarded by walking up the stairs to the tail of the plane. Normally not a problem, but every time I have to bend my knees, I wince with pain from the sunburn. On board, they were playing their theme song, which sounded suspiciously like the Katy Perry “firework” song. They offered a choice of snack: peanuts, curry puff, or chocolate muffin, and a choice of beverage: mango juice or soy milk. Their in flight magazine offered tips on how to handle a friend who never lets you get a word in, edgewise, a review of some car model we don’t have at home, and a section on Malaysian food. 

In Penang, I decided I didn’t want to spend 2 hours on a bus to the guest house, and after asking a couple of people, decided to get an Uber. A taxi would be 45 ringgit (fixed rate). I couldn’t get my data roaming to work, so I spent 25 ringgit on a local 4G data SIM card (2gb, to use for up to a week) and then booked my Uber. It wound up costing just 18 ringgit. Cool! On the drive, I got some suggestions of food to try while I’m in town, too. 
The guest house is loud (hostel style), and my room smells musty and doesn’t have a window, but the a/c works. And the concrete pillars and ceiling remind me a bit of home. Technically, I guess there is a window – it’s just that it faces into an indoor common area, rather than outside. 
Hopefully my sunburn feels better tomorrow. At the moment, I don’t feel like being social. Or moving at all. 


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