Pulau Perhentian day 2

Sunburn not much better in the morning, but the worst of it was on my upper legs. And I had noticed the gift shop had swim trunks that were like bike shorts…and I’d come all this way to snorkel… it probably would be okay if I wore those, and re-apply (reef safe) sunscreen every time I’m out of the water, right? I’m doing this thing!

And so I did. 
The sunburn is angry, but I am not. Stunning reefs and fishies. I didn’t take any pictures because I don’t have an underwater camera, so you’ll just have to trust me. It’s nice to just be in the moment, and not be looking at it through a screen. 
This sunburn is going to make the next few days suck. But at this point I still think it was worth it. We’ll see what I think, tomorrow. I’m already starting to peel. 

Update:  I should’ve splurged on the full length swimming pants that the Malay women wear. Knee pit sunburn = ouch. 

Up next: Penang 


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