Last day in Penang 

Rather than fill up on the free guesthouse breakfast again, I asked the guy at the desk where to go for roti canai. Instead of sending me to the restaurant a couple doors down (where I had seen it listed on the menu) he drew on a map where I could find a food cart he liked. Then, he suggested I could also walk down to the food court and try some nasi lemak (coconut rice). Both were good! (Later, I asked the other host about his personal favorite spots for dinner and he said “Papa John’s” – I liked the morning guy’s tips better!)
I looked up the bus to the tropical spice garden, and noticed that the station was near the Chew & Tan jetties (which were also on my list of places to see), so I walked there, first. Got a banana pancake from a food cart near the Tan jetty. 

Then, back over to the bus station. I asked a guy wearing a bus uniform shirt where to catch the bus to the spice garden, and he pointed it out…and then turned out to be the driver of that bus! He said he’d let me know where to get off, and I’m glad I waited for his cue, since google maps would’ve had me getting off a half mile early, and having to walk along a curvy road with no shoulder. 
While on the bus, a couple from France mentioned that they got a lot of mosquito bites when they visited the garden, so I slathered on my picaridin lotion, as well as the citronella spray provided to me by the receptionist at the garden. It seems to have done the trick. 
Walking through the garden, I saw a big lizard of some kind, as well as a bunch of monkeys. There weren’t many people around when I was there, and there were several paths to choose from, so it had a nice jungle vibe to it. I skipped the self-service tea station and the “poison garden.”

After touring the garden, I had a tasty lemongrass & ginger drink at the tree-top level restaurant, then went across the street to the food stalls for some Laksa Power (fish soup with big round rice noodles). It had a nice flavor, but I didn’t care for the texture of the fish. It reminded me of canned tuna. 

Caught the bus back into town, and checked out the Hin bus depot art centre and perused some markets before wandering over to Khoo Kongsi (an ornately decorated Chinese clan house). All the signs telling me not to roll the marbles in the lions mouths awakened an urge I never knew I had, but I had to resist. 

Back to the same noodle place for dinner (nothing else looked as good, and it was just as tasty the 2nd night). Wound up sitting with some university students from KL who were just up for the weekend. I asked, and one guy said the curry mee was even better than the noodles I had. Next time! Dessert was a different kind of pancake – stuffed with sticky rice. 



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