Hanoi to Phu Quoc (November 21)

In spite of the loud music, hooting, and hollering coming from the party at the hotel next door, we still fell asleep early and were up early again. First breakfast: back to the bun bo hue place. Second breakfast: pain au chocolat from a bakery we walked by, and egg coffee at the place where it originated, Ca Phe Giang. They had some interesting options. Egg with rum and chocolate sounds pretty good. Egg with beer… not so sure about that one… but 7:30am didn’t seem like the right time to try it. We stuck with the original, which was quite good.

We still had a little time before we needed to get going, so we walked around the lake again, and enjoyed seeing people exercising in all sorts of ways – badminton in a large median in the road, tai chi and dancing next to the lake, and many people just out walking & running.

Then, off to the airport (3rd breakfast: more coffee & wifi) and our flight to Phu Quoc. Only delayed slightly “due to military operations” (we had seen and heard military jets taking off at the airport, earlier).

Phu Quoc is lovely, and our hotel is cool, with an outdoor but enclosed (and partially covered) bathroom. We were instructed to keep the bathroom door locked when we leave, and at night. Something about monkeys and trees…

A few hours (including sunset) on the beach, showers, and dinner of fresh grilled seafood at a nearby restaurant. The sauce that came with it was amazing – green from fresh herbs, but with a tanginess that may come from the local, famous fish sauce. A local cat was persistent enough to be rewarded with some tasty morsels.


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