Turkey of the sea (November 23)

Another great hotel breakfast, then we walked up to the main road, where we met up with some Canadians also waiting for the snorkeling bus.

The bus was only a few minutes late, and they took us up to the boat, which then took us to Turtle island (so named due to its shape, NOT because there are turtles there, unfortunately). The boat ride was pleasant, and the upper deck had comfy lounge chairs and a roof that provided shade.

We snorkeled for about an hour, then headed over to Fingernail island – only to turn around at the last minute. The dive operator’s other boat had gotten there first, and radioed back to ours — Apparently, some Vietnamese men had set up some ropes around the island and claimed that the waters were theirs, and were yelling at people in the water. It sounds like they wanted boats to pay them to snorkel there. Instead, we returned to Turtle island and snorkeled on the south side, which actually did have quite a bit of different things to see.

After our second snorkel, they fed us lunch on the boat, and we enjoyed the ride back into town.

It being Thanksgiving, we had made reservations at a nice restaurant along the beach, and while on the boat, we invited 2 groups of Canadians (both from the Vancouver area) to join us. It was a lovely meal with good company.

After dinner, we walked home along the beach.


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