Bogota – December 26

An early morning (6am) arrival in Bogota & long line thru immigration, then a stop at an ATM, dropped my bag at the Guarda Equipaje, bought a SIM card from an airport kiosk, and got a taxi at the official taxi stand. I handed the driver a card on which I had written the address to a bakery I wanted to check out (Lonely Planet’s recommendation, Arbol del Pan, seemed as good a place to start as any). The driver circled the area a bit and eventually I had him let just me out (it was a block away, but up a one-way street the wrong direction for him to drive). A cute place, nearly empty, and I enjoyed my cafe con leche and cheese croissant.

After first breakfast, I decided to walk south, along Calle 7. After awhile, I stopped for second breakfast at a little cafeteria next to the Museo Nacional. The sign for huevos rancheros had caught my eye, but I didn’t care for theirs, because it had cut up pieces of hot dog (or some kind of little sausages). I had another cafe con leche, but even so, all I really wanted was a nap. And it was just 10:30am. Lots of day left before my night flight to Cartagena.

So, I walked on, eventually getting to La Candelaria, and I stopped in at the gold museum around noon. So tempting to allow myself to nap in one of their dark theaters showing some video on a loop, but I managed to resist.

Lack of sleep on the (relatively short) red eye flight, the high elevation, and/or dehydration had me really dragging, though. So: Time for more walking…and more coffee! This time at a Juan Valdez coffee shop. I didn’t really care for their coffee, but the chain offered the travelers trifecta of el baƱo, wifi, & an outlet where I could charge my phone.

As the skies turned darker and it threatened to rain, I walked quickly toward the neighborhood of Macarena and stopped in at a tapas place, where I snagged the last table just before the rain started. Cute little place, but I wouldn’t order either of the things I got, again (one was a potato dish that was basically potato chips with homemade mayonnaise, the other a mushroom dish).

After Tapas Macarena, more walking. Then the rain came back, and it was heavy, so I hunkered down under an awning. After waiting a bit to see if it’d let up (nope) I just hailed an Uber to the airport. I had to wait a long time for it to show up, but I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, even before learning that my flight was delayed.

Eventually I got to Cartagena, took a taxi to my hotel (arriving well after midnight), and enjoyed a hot shower and good nights sleep. Aaaaahhhhh.