Melaka, April 28, 2018

Since I was finally feeling a bit better, we decided to make a day trip to Melaka. We took a train to the TBS stop, where we found our bus. We had bought tickets online the night before (and found that all of the earlier morning buses had filled up!) so we spent a leisurely morning in KL before getting our 11:45am bus. That also gave us time to find the right line at the bus station (to get our boarding passes), and to scope out the glamorous snacks available for purchase.

In Melaka, we took a taxi to Nancy’s Kitchen and enjoyed a very tasty (and very late) lunch before exploring the city on foot. It was a hot day, and we wound up splitting up for awhile before wandering the night market together. Unfortunately neither of us was very hungry since we’d had such a late lunch, but we appreciated the fresh watermelon juice.

Eventually, we needed to find a taxi back to the bus station. We stopped at a corner hoping to flag one down, when we saw a hotel/cafe that advertised taxi services. When we first enquired about it, they told us their boss had just left, and asked if we could wait (no, sorry). Then as we were about to leave, he returned. We agreed upon a price, and we followed him outside to his car, and got in… Only to have him turn around in surprise to see us. He was just moving that car to a better parking spot. The taxi was the next car, up. Oops! We all had a good laugh about that.

Back at the bus station, we ordered food and chatted with the manager(?) who had spent some time in Texas. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to eat because our bus was (surprisingly!) on time.

Travel tip: when ordering food that might wind up being “to go” rice or noodles would be a smarter choice than soup.


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