Pulau Perhentian – April 29 – May 2, 2018

KLIA express train to KLIA2, a 1hr AirAsia flight to Kota Bharu, a 1hr shared taxi to Kuala Besut jetty, and a 45min bouncy boat ride to paradise.

Last year, I stayed on the bigger island at a resort that was tucked away from other things (and my room rate had included all meals). This year, we stayed on the smaller island, and even on the quieter side, there were several places to eat.

The days run together a bit, but it was perfectly relaxing. Beach side roti canai (banana & cheese: interesting, but not good with the curry sauce, IMHO), an evening stroll over to the Long Beach side for a swim, a mid-afternoon milkshake with the girl we met on the taxi ride, snorkeling in the mornings (still amazing!), hiking beach to beach, a water taxi back when we got tired…

Related note: I love my dorky full length swim getup. I didn’t burn while snorkeling this year (it’s UPF 50), and I pretty much lived in it on the island. As long as I took a quick dip in the ocean every so often, it kept me really cool. Also, it helps prevent both jellyfish stings and insect bites. Plus, I look like a mermaid. A really, really pale mermaid.


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