Huangshan day 2 – Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

I woke up super early, and headed out before dawn to join the throngs of people hoping for some cool sunrise photos. It was still pretty misty so we didn’t get warm colors, but it was cool to see the shapes of the mountains come into view as there got to be light in the sky, and waves of mist blew through.

Back to the hotel for a hearty buffet breakfast and recharging my phone (the cold did a number on it!) and when I looked out my hotel window, the sky was brilliant blue and I could see mountains. Woohoo! What a difference a day makes!

Off on a day hike involving MANY flights of stairs (mostly down and very steep). I had intended to make a loop hike and climb out, but when I got to the bottom, was told the trail was closed. Cable car up, it was. And, probably a good thing as my knee started hurting not long after we got to the top.

Along the hike down, an older Chinese gentleman and I took turns taking pictures for one another. Later, a girl who was apparently part of his group chatted with me for awhile. Her name was Xin and she had lived in Iowa for 7 years or so, and spoke great English.

After I eventually made it back to my hotel area, I stopped in at the next hotel over where I was able to get a painful yet therapeutic Chinese foot massage while attempting to use google translate to communicate with the guy. I’m hoping the massage and a good night’s rest will be all I need to be back in hiking shape. I’ll have to see how my knee does in the morning before deciding whether I can hike out, or if I’ll have to take the gondola. Since I’m trying to take it easy tonight, I didn’t hike up to a sunset view spot. Looks like I missed a good one, but at least I got some cool moonrise views.


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