Yangshuo town – Saturday, November 24

Hoping my scratchy throat is just allergies and not the beginning of a cold. Also, although my knees are okay now, my legs are quite sore from the recent days’ walking. So, I just had a lazy day in Yangshuo.

Taxi into town, wandering around, tea and people watching at every tea shop with seating.

One place had a menu with only Chinese characters, so between my “is there a popular dish you can recommend?” card and the worker’s phone, I wound up with something “most popular with foreigners” – a boba milk tea. That works!

Just outside the restaurant next door, there appeared to be some minor flooding – big puddles in the street. I’m not sure if the water was coming up out of the sewer/storm drain, or what, but the fix appeared to be placing some plastic(?) sheets below a paver stone, and then scooping the excess water into a bucket and dumping it on the other side of the street. It seemed to work.

At another place, I tried a tea with cheese because it sounded weird. The “cheese” bit was a freshly whipped topping with a slightly salty processed cheese flavor. Interesting, but I don’t need to have it again. When I heard people behind me meowing (and not Nihao’ing!) I turned to see a white cat sauntering through, and getting more attention than it cared for.

Later, I stopped in for a Thai massage, and although my legs are still sore, I found that I can walk both up and down stairs again, now, without wincing. Yay! Hopefully my scratchy throat stays in check. I’m looking forward to doing more active things, tomorrow.


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