Happy Thanks-gibbon – November 28-30, 2019

“I can’t believe I’m so high right now!” I said, and then we laughed at how that sounded. It’s just that by day 2, we sometimes sort of forgot that we were living in a treehouse 50 meters above the ground, having zip lined in. No “happy water” (laolao rice whiskey) or strange jungle mushrooms necessary to enjoy the gibbon experience. If you didn’t look down, you could sometimes forget exactly where you were. But then, through the gaps in the floorboards, you would see light and the leafy foliage far, far, below you. The bathrooms had some pretty killer views, along with big gaps in the floor (for drainage) and a cold shower fed by a nearby spring.

The “Waterfall” Gibbon Experience involved a fair bit of hiking (2-4 hours each day) and a lot of zip-lining.

They spent a lot of time up front teaching us how to brake on the zip line, but it was rarely necessary. In fact, most of the lines were slow, meaning that you had to pull yourself up into a cannonball position if you wanted to make it all the way to the end. If you didn’t make it, you then had to use your arms to pull yourself along to the end. A full body workout, and all of us felt it in our abs by the 2nd and 3rd days.

We slept in 2 different tree houses, and visited 2 others. All were accessed by zip line in & out.

The nights were cool, and I was happy I brought my smart wool to sleep in. The days were quite warm, so the cold showers were acceptably refreshing. Nearby kitchen outposts prepared food for us and our guides zip lined in our meals and kettles of boiling water for tea. Anything we didn’t eat got pitched over the edge. It must be an interesting ecosystem at the base of the tree.

An exhilarating and relaxing way to wrap up my Thanksgiving vacation!

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